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Blue Dog State Hatchery

   Blue Dog Lake's State Fish Hatchery is South Dakota's only Facility for producing both cool and warm water fish. As the largest fish hatchery in the state, it covers 53 acres of water and produces 70 million fish a year.
   Located on the northeast side of the lake, the hatchery has been provided with abundant high quality ground and lake water ever since its completion in 1982. This has enabled 14 species of fish to be raised at the site.

   Fish raised at Blue Dog include northern pike, walleye, yellow perch, largemouth and smallmouth bass, bluegill and crappie. Cold water species such as trout and Chinook salmon are raised in winter.
There are 700 incubation jars for northern pike and walleye eggs inside the hatchery. Also housed are 20 incubators for trout and salmon eggs and 30 rearing tanks. Outside there are eight raceways ad 38 rearing ponds.
   The hatchery also offers a visitor center and aquarium, informative displays and two hiking trails for tourists. One trail provides a view of the outside raceways and rearing ponds, while the other stretches around the beautiful lakeshore and though a marsh ecosystem.
   A slide presentation is also available to visitors to guide them through the fish rearing process.
   The hatchery is open year round to visitors Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4 pm. Groups interested in learning more about the hatchery or tours, contact them at (605)947-4657.

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